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Visit Tiong Hock Auto Parts Kuching for a wide selection of genuine, Japan brand, Car Spare Parts, Car Body Parts and Car Engine Parts. At Tiong Hock Auto Parts, you can easily find the car parts you require as we have a wide selection of brands.

Tiong Hock Auto Parts Kuching is your one stop car auto parts centre which offers customers sales, service and spare parts. Our technicians are highly trained by certified professional bodies and they will take good care of your cars. They possess professional skills to conduct comprehensive inspections and car diagnostic tests. After the complete car diagnostics, our technicians would proceed to replace defective car parts and fix flaws or imperfections on your car.

To provide our customers with excellent car service, we have invested over RM557k+ on automotive software and computerized system which could diagnostic our customers’ cars accurately and efficiently. We aim to provide only the best car service to our customers, regardless of their cars’ brand.




Car Body Parts, Car Spare Parts and Car Engine Parts

Replacement in Kuching

Body Parts

– Headlamps

– Tail Lights

– Bumpers

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Spare Parts

– Brake Shoe

– Clutch Disc

– Brake Cable

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Engine Parts

– Piston Ring

– Engine Bearing

– Engine Gasket

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Car Servicing

– Engine Oil Change
– Battery Replacement
– Brake Pad /Shoe Replacement
– Brake Oil Change
– Spark Plug Replacement
– Transmission Oil Change
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Car Insurance Renewal

– Fast and easy online car insurance renewal
– Enjoy up to saving 30%
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Road Tax Renewal

– Fast and easy online road tax renewal

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